Somehow, I feel compelled to explain myself.

So I’ve railed against blogs (well, perhaps not railed — that word should be reserved for my diatribes about MIT students who use AIM instead of zephyr, Webmail when they could be using a real email client, and who have never touched their dotfiles) since I learned of them about six months ago. (Seriously, people, I’m not kidding around — I have friends who still use links as a matter of course. We’re h4rd k0r here at the ‘tute.) A lot of my misgivings, I’ll admit — and this applies to all the technologies I’ve referenced negatively above — are due to some amount of prejudice: when I think AOL Instant Messenger, I think girly girl who talks like slackerbeat, entirely in online acronyms and intentional misspellings. When I think Webmail, I think spoiled freshman who expects not to have to have a roommate and who doesn’t even think to open himself up to all the goddamned opportunities available at this school. When I think athena illiteracy, I just sigh in defeat. There is a unique culture here that is increasingly not getting passed on.

But somehow I got off-topic there: what I meant to talk about was *blogs,* not the decline of athena culture. So I have a couple of friends who have blogs, but the rest dismiss them with the same casualness I’ve been known to possess in that regard: What, you have a *blog*?! And while words like blogosphere and turns of phrase like Oh, I should blog that still rub me the wrong way, I have of late experienced the strangest turn of events: during the past few weeks, there have been *several* occasions upon which I have thought in response to an idea, Oh, I’d totally post that if *I* had a blog. This reaction has felt analogous to the (rather MIT-specific) assertion zsig, which is to say That phrase/witty-comment/humorous statement/quote-taken-out-of-context would make an excellent signature for a zehpyr (real-time text message). This recognition and categorization is something I consider an integral part of athena culture… And so I find myself being sneakily converted.

I lay myself before you, then, admittedly hypocritical and unrepentantly longwinded. In a way (she thinks to herself, to justify this latest step towards perfidy) I’ve been blogging for a while, in the sense that the books page on my web site is a pseudo-blog, a reverse-chronological account of my life and thoughts as seen through the lens of my reading material. So it’s really not *that* much of a departure, is it?

But, excited as I am by this new project (and don’t get me wrong, I *am* excited, not least of all by the 5w33+ h4x0r 5h1+ I pulled installing Moveable Type on riads-mom) there’s a part of me that still feels the way I did when I left the Verizon Wireless store with my new cell phone: traitorous and common. Somehow, I feel like Johnston &emdahs; my text-based-browsing friend &emdash; would disapprove, even though *his* <a href="http://web.mit.edu/johnston/www/"web site is practically a blog itself…


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