Fuxored! And back again.

I think someone’s trying to tell me something.
I had spent an afternoon and an evening installing Moveable Type, fiddling with stylesheets, and posting my first weblog entries. I had built and rebuilt, tweaked and reloaded, composed and edited. And, finally, satisfied with my work, I had sent a self-effacing email to a handful of friends which read as follows:

Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 23:30:11 -0500
From: "Amrys O. Williams" ‹amrys@mit.edu›
Subject: shit.

i succumbed. http://amrys.devl.org/blog/

i suck. officially, now.


That night, I also got an email from Mar (owner of devl.org) telling me that he’d been doing some web-updating of his own, and that his CNN Sux page was back. I was on my way to bed, though, so I didn’t follow the link.
In the morning, I awakened to the following:

Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 02:41:14 -0500
From: mar@devl.org
To: amrys@mit.edu

Hey am,

riads-mom has suffered a major brain hemmorage, she is listed in
stable condition at this time but is only somewhat
coherrent. Currently all memory is lost -- it is not clear if the
doctors will be able to jog it during surgeries tomorrow. Exploratory
surgery has revealed that a logic board replacment may enable her to
recover her memory -- a suitable doner has been located. She will also
be receiving an immediate brain array upgrade. She will undergo the
knife tomorrow.

I apologize, luckly she was just getting to know your new blog.


[data harddrive crashed,

system harddrives ok,

all my data -- including your spiffy new blog -- might be toast,

logic board swap maybe possible which would allow me to recover the

I'm buying three new drives tomorrow and RAIDing them up, which will
allow for any one drive to fail without loss of data. (i.e. this WILL
NOT happen agian).


Well, shit. That was my first thought, anyway. My next: laughter. When you’ve tergiversated about something as much as I did about starting a weblog, and you finally succumb — and then it all comes crashing down like the wrath of God — you have to find it positively ridiculous.
And then you have to wonder: What the hell is going on here?! Maybe I’m just not meant to have a blog. Maybe I made the wrong decision.
But, ladies and gentlemen, the show must go on! I was lucky enough to have my log pages cached in Safari, so I was able to save both the text of my entries and the modifications I’d made to the index template. The stylesheet I had to recreate, but big deal. The important stuff, it was saved.
Which, sadly, is more than I can say for Mar, who lost several years’ worth of data. Which is to say that the data is recoverable, but expensively so: to the tune of something like $2,000. Yeah. Grad students have that kind of money.
You can see something of Mar’s reaction (which I recommend wholeheartedly for sheer comedic value) here; as for me, well, I’m just keeping it real.
Blog on.


2 thoughts on “Fuxored! And back again.

  1. Welcome back to the sphere. Those of us who loathe the very words that come out of our mouths, we salute you.
    And please note: the city-planning chap I was fawning over, he paid me back by (I think) calling me ‘very smart’. Perhaps in an ironic manner, but so goddamn what!
    Oh and hi to Amrys’ mom.

  2. I’f I wrote a blogger it would be called the Blogmatic Adjustable Bed.
    Hi Am’s mom, I heard Antigone was actually good and the tech reviewer guy was just a big jobber who didn’t understand the play.
    Hope you had fun!

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