A day of remembrance.

A lovely column by James Carroll in the Globe today, which makes me want to go read some Mark Helprin. It’s a good day for it.
There was also an interesting piece this morning on women veterans, the sort of thing that just makes you want to cheer for these little old ladies who were so damn hard core, building and repairing airplanes in the middle of Oklahoma. Like the first female graduates of MIT. Simply awesome. Reminds me of my grandmother, who was one of a handful of female chemists at Northrop during WWII. Makes me wish I had had her tell me more stories before she died.
Makes me want to go out there and make history.


3 thoughts on “A day of remembrance.

  1. Actually, your grandmother was one of two chemists at Northrup. One of two chemistry graduates from UCLA. She once told me: “She wanted to be the son her father never had.”
    How thoughtful to include her.

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