A lot of bluster.

Yet another article in this morning’s paper about the proposed windfarm in Nantucket Sound. From what I’ve read, it seems to me that the opposition seems to be using superficially environmentalist arguments to support a position that amounts to “We think it might be ugly and we don’t want our million-dollar homes to be anywhere near a wind turbine of any kind.”
I think it’s interesting to note the following:

  1. The tallest point on the isle of Nantucket features a rather prominent historical structure. Any idea what it is? You guessed it: a windmill. It’s no mistake. Nantucket is windy.
  2. The location is perfect, which is the main point of today’s article. There isn’t a place in the country that stacks up.
  3. Wind farms aren’t actually ugly. I recall the drive westward toward Livermore and San Francisco from I-5. There’s an enormous wind farm there, and turbines cover the misty, rolling hills for miles. It’s enchanting, like something straight out of Myst. Wind farms are a gorgeous marriage of the natural and built worlds. I don’t know what those Nantucketers are complaining about.
  4. The supposed environmental arguments to combat the farm’s construction are tenuous at best. The company that wants to install the turbines is an alternative energy company, for Christ’s sake. If these people are so environmentally conscious, you’d think they might actually be advocating for the farm, or at least trying to work with the company to find a solution, instead of railing against it blindly.

In a lot of ways, this is simply a social class issue. Have you ever seen People Like Us?
I realize I need some good sources to cite for this, since I’ve been going mostly from memory — and I’ll get some, since I’m always interested in these science, technology, policy, and people stories — but for now I’d like to end on the following note. The extended forecast for the greater Boston area predicts high winds over the next couple of days. What does the National Weather Service web site use as its icon for a windy day?


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