Not-so-blue laws.

As part of a last-minute rush to finish the year’s business, the Massachusetts State Senate repealed the ban on Sunday liquor sales. It looks as though we may be able to kiss those emergency New Hampshire B-double-E-double-R-U-N Beer Runs goodbye. There’s a part of me that’ll miss ’em.
The story isn’t over, yet, though, since individual communities can choose whether or not they want to go along with the decision.
It seems that smoking in public places is also going the way of the blue laws, which gets a lot less rejoicing from me, as this country’s attitude towards smokers, while perhaps on the health high ground, is ridiculously hypocritical. Cambridge is currently the last bastion of smoky bars in the greater Boston area, and, though I’m not a smoker, I’m not looking forward to the ban coming to my town. I realize I’m in the minority here, but my opinion stands. If people are so worried about risk, they should stay in their own goddamned houses. Lord knows the streets are a dangerous place. And that’s even without driving a car.
(I don’t want to dive into an angry rant here, so how about this: I wrote a paper about risk for a class earlier this year. Though it addresses a different question, I think some of the ideas in it are rather pertinent to the smoking-ban discussion.)
Anyway, read the article from the Globe.
And, which we’re on the subject of liquor and nicotine, take a look at this cafe sign I saw in Austin, TX back in September. We need more places like that here in Boston. North End joints are the closest we’ve got.


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