Compliments (but not comments).

So I’m totally going to be self-promoting here, but I just got props from my former roommate, Deb, about my blog:

i have to say, even if you think that the gods are trying to tell you to stop
your blog, that i enjoy reading it. unlike other blogs, which are entirely too
self-referential, whiny, boring, etc. yours, i actually like reading.

Anyway, it’s nice to hear these things. But, regardless of whether you hate it or love it, people, you should COMMENT. Then it won’t look like I’m just trying to praise myself. Heh.
And, on the subject of Deb and blogs, she finally updated hers! You’d think a girl recovering from knee surgery would be blogging all the damn time.
Rock on, Little Debbie. The A-Side misses you.


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