Piles with Miles, and Pu Pu what what?!

I think Miles Davis will be the savior of my reading season. I do such good work when I listen to him while reading apps.
Tonight the boys and I ordered some Pu Pu Hot Pot. When we got the order, we discovered that they’d thrown in an order of wings, possibly for free (we did not have the receipt to confirm or disconfirm that suspicion). When we sat down to eat, we discovered that it is impossible to tell their General Gao’s Chicken from their Orange Chicken. Really.
We dubbed it “Ambiguously Flavored Chicken,” and it was the subject of much mid-repast amusement.
For more amusement, mid-repast or otherwise, check out this inebriated review of Pu Pu from mit411.com:

OK… so I am drunk, and ordering from a place named after feces does not sound appetizing. I admit I have been to Pu Pu Hot Pot, and I enjoyed their food. Not bad, especially compared to Quan’s and Nan Ling. BUt it is still called Pu Pu, and I can go make that in the toilet, so they can suck my dick. Order not from them

My roommates are playing Axis & Allies. And quoting Snatch. And listening to chant. And drinking boxed wine.
I think it’s time for bed.


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