I’m going home (oh yes).

In the morning, I’m going home for Thanksgiving. Though I have a lot of applications to read, I do hope to get some time to relax, enjoy my family, see old friends, play the piano, sip tea and go for walks with my mom, chat with my dad about writing and school, finish the books I’m reading, and finish the piece I’ve been writing about the Red Sox since they lost the ALCS. Damnit, I will finish it.
When I get back to the office next week, we’ll be well on our way to admitting the class. A week from Friday, folks. If you thought (well, if I thought) I had no life this week, well… get ready for working on weekends.
And then, the week before I leave for California for Christmas, I’ll get to field all those calls from people who got deferred early action. The calls are important, and they can be very rewarding, but on the whole it tends to be an emotionally draining exercise. There’s a lot of disappointment out there after we send out decisions.
But this week I get to relax a bit, and get some distance and perspective on my life.
And I hear they got a dusting of snow in Albany this morning.


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