Round-Up and Snow.

Tomorrow we begin admitting the Early Action Class of 2008. Which means: no weekend for Am!
But: tonight I’m going to see Snow in June at the ART. I don’t know a thing about it, but the photos on the ART web site look absolutely gorgeous. It’s described as “a startling blend of ancient Chinese theatre and contemporary Americana, dance theatre, and vaudeville.” I can dig it.
We’re also supposed to get snow this weekend. And that makes me incredibly happy.
P.S.: Happy birthday, Gram!


11 thoughts on “Round-Up and Snow.

  1. Do you know when they’re sending out letters? Does the decrease in EA applications mean they’ll be mailed earlier?
    Have fun with the snow…it was enough to cancel school today where I live.

  2. Greetings EA Applicant! I hope you’ve had a wonderful snow day.
    MIT is scheduled to mail its Early Action decision letters on Friday, December 12th. We’re not moving the process along any more quickly than usual — I think you’d agree it’s important work and shouldn’t be rushed.
    It’s funny: I was just saying to my friends over dinner that nobody reads my blog anyway (save for a handful of people I know), so I shouldn’t worry about casually mentioning my work. I guess I spoke too soon! What a coincidence. (Heh. I guess that’s one way of generating traffic…)
    Anyway, have a wonderful week, enjoy the snow… and best wishes for the holiday season!

  3. Yep,
    Someone must have done some digging and found your blogging, then posted the link on a site frequented by eagerly waiting high school seniors! Oh the madness…
    One more thing, out of curiosity – how many interview reports do you get that have the “one-in-a-million” checkbox marked? I noticed that when my EC showed me the form he had to fill out. What would something like that do for an application?

  4. The poster above me is correct. Someone has linked this page to Princeton Reviews College Discussion Area.
    Do you know what percent of the EA pool you will admit this year? Also, out of curiosity, have you read any memorable essays this year? Have there been cases in which the essay made the difference?
    If this is really annoying and you don’t want applicants bothering you, just don’t respond and I’ll get the message. Thanks a lot.

  5. Ah, so that’s the way things work nowadays. The web facilitating group-stressing… Wonderful. 😉 Back when I was a high school senior (I think you guys were probably in sixth grade), the web was still relatively new, and its uses have changed, evolved. There’s a generational gap here, even in the space of six years. Why do I feel so old?@#$
    People, I am the youngest admissions officer at MIT. It’s the truth. But I still stand staunchly by the old-school, such as text-based instant messaging, LaTeX, and mutt. Although MIT’s to blame for all of that.
    Anyway, back to the case at hand. I didn’t design this to be an admissions blog, so I hope you guys have enjoyed some of the other stuff I’ve posted… But since you obviously have admissions-related questions, I’d like to help you out. The thing is, I don’t want this to turn into an admissions blog, either. (I’d be happier with it being an MIT blog for the selfish reason of not wanting to talk about work during my few free moments… Plus, I’m not certain that my bosses would be really psyched about all of this official business on an unofficial site. It’s kind of like playing hallway soccer with flaming tennis balls.)
    So here’s my proposal. In order to avoid being inundated with admissions-related queries, keep my job, and still answer questions (that are really better-suited to an actual conversation anyway), I’m going to suggest that you guys do something a tad bit old-fashioned (but still very hip): give our office a call! Seriously. If you’re bold enough to post to a stranger’s blog, I think you can probably muster up the courage to dial our number. And, quite honestly, we’re happy to take your calls. I think you’ll find that, as an office, we’re a pretty friendly lot.
    Heh. This all reminds me of when the bathroom server at Random got slashdotted. They still had the Foo bathroom display up at that point. The Foo display was basically this small LCD panel that could display up to three lines of text (something like 20 characters per line). It was mounted across from the toilets in the bathroom, and if you went to the web site you could submit a message to be displayed. You also got to choose the tone that would be played on the speaker attached to the diplay, to alert the occupant (if there was one) to your newly submitted message. When the page got slashdotted, there was basically a continuous stream on new messages being submitted for about two days… and you can just imagine what it sounded like.
    This is what we do at MIT, people. (Well, depending on where you live… But I think everyone at MIT should appreciate this sort of endeavor.)
    Anyway, to close, here’s my advice to any and all high school seniors: RELAX. Really. I mean, I remember how stressful all this stuff can be, but I speak from experience when I say that none of this college stuff is worth driving yourself nuts over. If you’re applying someplace like MIT, chances are you’re going to end up at a good school, so do your work, learn awesome stuff, have fun, and stay enthusiastic and happy — don’t stress. Go frolic in the snow if you’re enjoying this wonderful Northeast blizzard. Go make something cool. Call your friends and hang out. Read a good book. Write something. Step outside. Stop and breathe. Laugh. Go watch the latest homestar.
    Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now. There’s a good book to be read, a sweater to be knitted, and two boys playing Vice City and making lots of noise here in this girl’s apartment.

  6. You’re #9 on Google for “mit early action”. That’s how I found you. 😉
    For what it’s worth, I did not link you to Princeton Review.

  7. yeah, guys. Just chill. Amrys is frickin’ cool, which is why she helps you all out with admit questions. But c’mon, lay off. She’s a busy lady and she has *work* to do, specifically, reading all of our apps. There’s a reason that there is…

  8. One last public service announcement for you guys. Due to the blizzard in Boston (which hasn’t let up since Friday), we’ll probably be delayed by a day or two in our mailing. At this point, we’re probably looking at a mail date of Monday the 15th for EA decisions, but that’s just a guess.
    And that’s my last admissions-related announcement. Thanks for understanding, folks. Oh, and by the way, I’m not annoyed or anything. I think this is all kinda cool — I mean, this is what blogs are supposed to be about, right? Dialogue coming out of monologue? I just want all these questions to get handled through the appropriate channels, and at this point in time my blog is just not one of them.
    Plus, how can I be irritated when my blog is getting more hits than ever? It’s so awesome.
    My roommates are cooking home fried potatoes for breakfast. It smells sooooo good…

  9. \usepackage{amsmath}
    “Jason G.L.\ Chu (RSI ’03)” did not \textit{have} to mention RSI again.
    It’s obvious. \word1337
    Although \LaTeX and \texttt{zephyr} are cool, I’ve been a pine user for 8 years and thus do not really care for \texttt{mutt}. I’m sorry. I hope this is not grounds for rejection.

  10. Hey Paul: wrong markup language. 😉
    Yeah, Pine’s fine. I mean, it’s not Elm. Lucky for you, we failed to include the “preferred email client” question on the application this year. But next year…
    Oh, and you’re going to have to do better than “randomrickoid” backwards if you want to kick butt in the Mystery Hunt. 😉 Although “diokcirmodnar” has a certain ominousness to it…
    Hope things are going well, and that your semester is wrapping up nicely. We’re, well… We’re buried in snow. It’s awexome.

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