Snow in December.

Well, the snow is here! We have a snow day tomorrow as a result, so I get to sleep in and enjoy the weather.
Walking home from Random tonight was marvelous. The streets were just about deserted, and I’ve noticed that snowy nights in the city are brighter than other nights, wrapped in a perpetual twilight created by all the lights reflecting off the snow, and the cloudy purple sky. Passing through One Kendall Square, the wind had blown the snow around so that in some places there were gentle drifts and in others the brick pavement was swept clear. It was a beautiful visual description of the wind patterns and airflow through the alleyways and plaza, something you could see as well as feel. Absolutely lovely.
There is little more satisfying than forging a trail across an unspoiled expanse of freshly fallen snow, and looking back to see your footprints receding along the path you’ve described.
A cup of tea, and sleep. The skylights above my bed are covered in snow.


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