When it snows, it really snows.

It’s been snowing here in Boston since Friday evening, and there’s no indication that it’ll be letting up anytime soon. Frankly, I’m perfectly happy with that news. The snow has given me a weekend, and it lifts my spirits in general.
I went on an expedition through the streets of Cambridge today to visit the MIT Press Bookstore, where the hurt books shelf continues to burn a hole in my wallet. It’s so hard to pass up a five-dollar book on anything interesting!
In weblog news, I’ve been getting lots of hits, apparently because someone linked to my blog on some Princeton Review college discussion site. Incredible.


2 thoughts on “When it snows, it really snows.

  1. Hey! I’m another student who has encountered your blog because of its recent *publicity.* It’s nice seeing the person behind the application every once in a while. Nice blog 😉

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting! Frankly, this has been really nice for me, too. In my job, I get to see into the lives of strangers, many of whom I feel I come to know during the course of reading an application, so it’s awesome to hear from people. I think our culture tends to abstract the process away into some impersonal and impenetrable mystery, but when you’re in the midst of reading an application, it’s the most human thing in the world. So here’s to all you you guys. I feel lucky in my job, hard as it is, because I get to know so many of you. Always remember that there are real people behind this. And we’re not so scary.

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