Fire & Ice.

On my walk home tonight, there was a car fire on my street. I noticed the lights of the fire truck first, then the sharp burning smell, then the black billowing smoke high in the sky. As I passed by, one of the onlookers told me it was a car fire — I had assumed someone’s home was on fire. I suppose a car is better than a house, though I can only pray that nobody was inside.
In Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin, one of the opening chapters is entitled “The Ferry Burns in Morning Cold” and it contains this wonderful image of a ferry on fire in bitter cold weather, surrounded by ice and snow. There’s something powerful about such sharp contrast.
For more images of fire, check out this picture from a friend’s trip to Argentina/Chile.
And in terms of the other extreme, this snowstorm just keeps giving and giving! Not only have I had the weekend off unexpectedly, but I just found out that I’m getting free shipping on one of my marketplace orders because it was delayed due to the inclement weather. Thank you, snow!


5 thoughts on “Fire & Ice.

  1. Your comments about fire reminded me of an unsuccessful graphic from an old Dramashop poster… One Flea Spare, anyone?
    I am thinking that if the image of ‘horses on fire’ had actually worked, would it have been more effective? or would it have been unnecessarily gruesome?

  2. God, I can’t even remember the poster for OFS. I’d imagine that trying to conceptualize burning horses might have been rather… difficult.
    Speaking of burning, are your ears?

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