An attempt to write.

I had a conversation with one of my coworkers this morning about blogs, and whether it takes a particular temperament to maintain one. It’s something my friend Deb keeps lamenting about to me (though apparently she’s substituting a frequent change in color scheme for frequent updates). Why do I have a blog, anyway?
Well, I told my coworker this morning that it’s all a part of my attempt to write something every day — in which sense it’s been a success. Whether the writing is actually good is certainly debatable, and it’s certainly not sustained, but it is nice to have a little forum for my writing and a formal structure to make it a habit, something I feel compelled and obligated to do every day.
Of course, it’s also a huge time suck. Would my time be better spent doing other things?
This whole weblog thing started out as an experiment: I had a couple of friends who had blogs, so I figured I’d give it a whirl and see what all the fuss was about. Many of my friends were skeptical, as was I, initially. What’s won me over to the weblog camp of late, though, is the recent flurry of activity on my blog due to some admissions-related posts, which I think have sparked some interesting comments and threads, and which make me understand in a very real way how exciting the dialogue blogs offer can be. My blog is decidedly small-scale. I can only imagine how incredible (and also time-consuming) it would be to have a really popular blog.
This sort of entry, I realize, is of course quite masturbatory: I sit here and make a weblog entry about weblog entries, as though my (few) readers want to listen to me hash out my hopes and insecurities. I apologize for that. But I meant to go to bed about an hour ago, and I meant to write a bit of my Red Sox piece and read a chapter of my book before sleeping. Sometimes the evenings just don’t pan out the way you plan ’em.
But that’s the way of things. Another day, another entry. We get up and start over again.
Good night, folks. I’m going to take a quick look through my writing directory, and remind myself that I need to actually work on finishing something. In life as well as writing.


5 thoughts on “An attempt to write.

  1. it’s really late and i realize that i have become an insomniac. no altercation outside my window though, just sleeplessness. maybe it was from watching a particularly annoying reality tv show last night…
    anyways, i just wanted to say that i thought it might be more useful (in terms of advancing the blogging universe) if i truly participated in blogs (i.e. commenting) rather than forcing my way into it (i.e. writing meaningless entries in a blog).
    p.s. the color thing was just an attempt to do something ‘useful’ … but i realized it was moot.

  2. Ah, Deb. If only I didn’t have to sign up for xanga in order to comment on your blog! Maybe I’ll just suck it up and deal.
    Thanks for writing. It’s too early a morning for me after so late a night (what with the altercation and all), and I have to leave for work in like fifteen minutes, so it’s nice to see that someone’s read my stuff. It’s such a nice morning comfort, like receiving an unexpected personal email, or a hug.
    Keep blogging and commenting, girl. I think even something substantive once a week is marvelous and totally worthwhile. Though I love your comments as well.
    Best wishes with the sleep. God, me too. I’m exhausted, and see no end in sight.

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