Girly contemplations.

Why does it feel so good to have someone play with your hair? One of my coworkers braided my ponytail during a break this morning, and it has made me feel utterly relaxed and marvelous. This is something that becomes less socially acceptable once you become an adult, but this sort of thing used to go on all the time at my school (it was all-girls, after all). Yes, boys, we do play with each other’s hair sometimes. Far too infrequently these days, I might add.
And in terms of hair, did anyone else love those lice checks in the school nurse’s office back in elementary school?
In more girly news, the boy dropped off a flower to my office this morning. It’s totally made my day. This is awesome not only because this sort of thing that almost never happens to me, but because this is exactly the sort of thing that happens all the time to my fellow admissions counselor, who works right next to me. Suddenly I’m the recipient of sweet gestures, too! How wonderful.
A flower and a braid: I’m in chick heaven!
It’s utterly revolting, isn’t it?


One thought on “Girly contemplations.

  1. Actually, those lice checks made me nervous, because, depite the many bottles of Nix my mom and I went through, I seemed to be one of the “dirty” kids – got caught with lice a few times in childhood (none since, good riddance). (Once, while scratching my head in sixth grade math class, one of the buggers fell out of my hair and onto my worksheet – yyyilch!! I screamed)

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