The comfort of the city.

I have to return City Comforts: How to Build an Urban Village to the library tomorrow, so before I do, I want to take a moment to talk about it. Written by a former member of Seattle’s planning commission, this book is a wonderful little treatise on how not to be stupid when designing cities. I think his main point — do simple things now — is something that translates to any field, and is, in fact, something I think I probably hold as a major philosophy of my own life. Do simple things now to make life better. It’s so constructive.
Anyway, it’s a good book, the sort that makes you look at the world around you in a new way, with a more attuned and critical eye. I love that.
It is raining like fury out, which is a bummer, since it was snowing since about 3 this afternoon, perfect snowball snow, too. I love the city in winter, especially at night around the holidays.
Tonight, though, I am glad to be indoors. It is not pleasant out there.


5 thoughts on “The comfort of the city.

  1. I guess since I was course 4, I should know a little bit about Urban Planning, but of course, I woefully uninformed.
    Anyways, I was going to recommend a book to you: The Image of the City by Kevin Lynch from MIT Press.
    I haven’t actually read it, but my UROP prof at the Media Lab recommended it highly. She wanted us to read it as reference for this project we were working on (kind of a quilt of media clips on your pda that you could accessed when walking around based on your physical location). I bought it but didn’t get around to actually reading it yet…
    I figured it’s something you can thumb through it one day if you’re browsing through MIT Press.

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