A Miracle of Science.

I just had a design meeting with the design firm that did totally awesome work for The Miracle of Science, one of my favorite Cambridge bars/restaurants. Why they don’t have a web site is beyond me, since there just about the hippest place ever, but you should still check them out for any meal. Their new breakfast menu is killer, though I’ll always harbor a soft spot for their incredible burgers and roasted potatoes. My mouth waters…
In other news, here’s some more evidence that this whole blog thing is incredibly cool. Is the web finally delivering what it’s always promised?
I think I want a burger. Talk about successful marketing.


4 thoughts on “A Miracle of Science.

  1. my goodness Am, what are you doing these days? Seriously, what’s with the meetings with designfirms etc.? Sounds cool and productive.
    I was going to say I like Miracle of Science Burgers TONS too.

  2. We’re getting a whole new web site (MIT Admissions) so we’re interviewing design firms. For once, I’m on the other side! Though I am going to be redesigning Dance Troupe‘s web site over IAP. Do they need it or what?!
    I should totally read this copy of Metropolis that Scott‘s lent me. I mean, I’ve looked at it, but not read it just yet. Though their web site is totally good, and I’m intrigued by this article. Total 1930s World’s Fair style. I’ll have to check it out.
    And you, Deb, what are you doing these days? Not blogging I see. Though I do like the new photo.

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