California, here I come…

…right back where mom started from.
Yes, dear readers, I shall be departing for the left coast on the morrow, which means that blog entries will most likely be sporadic for the next couple of weeks. If it’s any consolation, Christmas in L.A. is always a bit weird to my upstate New York sensibilities: Christmas is supposed to be snowy and cold, a forging and tempering of the spirit. (Ah, Helprin!) Though I suppose I won’t be complaining much when I’m sitting in the hot tub at night with a view of the city lights. Go figure.
Still, when I’m away from Boston, I miss it terribly, and I don’t see why this trip will be any exception. Luckily I’ll have lots of family, including two young’uns, to keep me happy and busy. And don’t forget the big Polish Christmas Eve dinner, with handmade pierogi and ushki, and homemade barscht. Delicious.
So: I must get some good sleep in preparation for my flight tomorrow. There’s still a lot to be done!


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