Last entry before California.

Beer trucks have been stopping outside my apartment all morning, presumably to unload their stock into the market next door. Earlier there was a Pulsner Urquell truck; now they’re unloading Harpoon.
I’ve vitamin-C’d myself up in preparation for the cross-country flight. I’m hoping not to catch the flu. I have this nasty habit of getting sick on holidays. I’m hoping it won’t happen this year.
When I get back, I’m going to an F. Scott Fitzgerald-style New Year’s bash at Amanda & Jason’s. It promises to be a good time.
I realize this entry is kind of pointless, but, kind readers, please humor me. I have too little time left before my flight to write something truly substantive, yet enough time that I was tempted to post for the hell of it. I plan on doing as much reading and writing as I can over the break, so I’ll be brimming with ideas when I return.


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