Today I learned something unexpected and dangerous: my aunt and uncle now have DSL at their house.
And a wireless network.
And I brought my laptop, thinking that, without a network connection, I might do some real writing.
I am so screwed! But: I was able to consult MIT’s OpenCourseWare to remind myself and my family members what mitochondria do. And discover that the Griffith Park Observatory is closed for renovations till 2005. And find out when the Getty Center is open.
(As my MIT friends might say, tongue-in-cheek, as we passed by such a gas station on a road trip, “Wanna log in?”)
I also was pleasantly surprised to learn that my aunt is learning the guitar, and my uncle got a new piano, so I’ll be able to play some music while I’m here.
But, speaking of music, my choice of Ah Um got ejected in favor of some children’s Christmas Carols (I have two young cousins), followed by Trisha Yearwood. Ah, Mingus, how do I live without you?
I want to know.


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