Contemplations on holiday travel.

After hearing some holiday travel horror stories, I thought I’d weigh in with my personal experience flying from Boston to Santa Ana last week. I have to say, I’ve been lucky. But it was not without its own measure of humor.
I left on Thursday the 18th, which is on the early side, I suppose, but I was so concerned about holiday congestion at Logan that I got a 1 pm taxi for a 4 pm flight. I failed to realize that, while many airlines have about 50 gates at Logan, Northwest only has about 5, so, compounded with the fact that my crazy Eastern European cab driver was so insane that he nearly cut off an ambulance on Storrow Drive (I was afraid for my life, people, in all seriousness), it took me a total of about 25 minutes between leaving my apartment and getting to the gate. I then had 3 hours ahead of me. I just love sitting in airports for three hours at a time. Especially when you’re sharing a gate with a businessman trying to have virtual meetings by talking on his hands-free cell phone at an incredible volume. Not to mention the college girl (BU? Tufts?) behind you who’s calling everyone she knows to describe to them what she’s done over the past day-and-a-half. While you’re trying your darndest to read a book.
To make things even funnier, as I was getting on board the plane, my father called me on my cell phone to warn me to get to the airport early. “I’m already on the plane, Dad! … I’ll see you tonight” was all the rest of the plane heard, and me standing there in my MIT sweatshirt, I’m sure it looked like a typical overly-concerned parent admonishing his exasperated college student daughter. Everyone laughed, myself included.
The reason for my father’s call, I later found out, was that he and my mother had been flagged for the super-invasive full-search at podunk Albany International Airport (we fly to Canada) and they had to hold the plane for them it took so long. Luckily, my travel went incredibly smoothly in comparison.
And now, here I am in LA typing this with a view of the city. As much as I have this city, it’s in the 60s here, and sunny, and beautiful. I guess I’m lucky.
Have a marvelous Christmas, everyone.


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