I love how, despite the fact that I work in an office populated largely by non-technical people, nerdspeak infiltrates the workplace. People who studied art and dance and history in college, who did not take engineering classes, who probably have never been near a text-based adventure, say things like “kludge” and”kludgey” as though it were the most natural thing in the world.
Every time I hear my boss or my coworker say something like “This is so kludgey,” it makes me grin like a madman.


2 thoughts on “Kludgetastic.

  1. Here’s what I know about Kluge: the bag, the first real “carry-on.” What has it come to mean? I dfon’t yet quite feel it, but presume, if it has anything to do with Kluge ‘hisself,’ that then it means something like “well packed genius,” meaning insightful delivery of what is needed but never before packaged.

  2. she still hasn’t taken up my question for a response: 18 days of waitng in anticipation, sweating it out

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