Welcome back, devl.

Hip hip hooray to devl.org being back in commission. Unfortunately, all my saved entries in kung-log are sitting on my work computer, and damned if I’m going to go into the office on a holiday weekend to blog.
Plus, Deb’s in town, so I don’t imagine I’ll be blogging much this weekend anyway. Despite the fact that I had about ten ideas for posts during the two days that devl was down.
Sigh. That’s just how it goes, I guess. Happily, whever Deb’s in town, I spend a good deal of time having fabulous conversations about meaningful things, so I imagine I’ll have plenty to talk about once I’m finished celebrating our nation’s birthday. If you’ve forgotten what I did last year, be reminded.
There may also be a post coming on about education; in the meantime, you should read what Wally has to say on the matter.


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