Happy goddamned fourth.

I was about to blog about something nice and Independence-Day-related, when I logged into MT and discovered that, between the hours of 4 and 7 this morning, my blog was spammed with about 600 spam comments. Which brings me to my new complaint about MT: why can’t you bloody well list all comments, instead of having to go through entry by entry? It is damned retarded.
I guess I won’t be doing much until I head down to the river today except delete these goddamned comments.
Drastic measures must now be taken. I want to punch.


5 thoughts on “Happy goddamned fourth.

  1. 1. I’d be curious to learn what was the cause of the spamming.
    2. Mom and I watched the Boston fireworks last night just before downing into bed. Lovely…but far more lovely and kinetic, I am sure, “on the spot.” Yet, it was a bit like being there with you “in our dreams,” so Here’s to You!
    3. Punching is permissible. But it is not advised. You are a jaw-grinder from ‘way back: grind.
    4. Rained like fury last night … but Mom reports I snored right through it … while she, of course, ground her teeth … at

  2. There are bots which basically crawl the web looking for blogs and when the find them they just automatically post spam comments. I’ve instituted some mild protection (like renaming my comment script) but it looks like something more robust is needed.

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