Creative uses for business cards.

Okay. I have two and a half boxes of business cards which will soon be invalid and which I cannot possibly use between now and Friday. Any ideas for awesome ways I can get rid of them? Funky art projects? Tell, tell.


8 thoughts on “Creative uses for business cards.

  1. 1. Any resumes you have yet to send out, include two cards per.
    2. Any inquiries you have yet to send out, include two cards per.
    3. Purchase stick-on name/address/etc. labels — similar to but more elaborate than return address stick-ons — and stick them OVER the MIT info (you may have to color coordinate the background color of the label to the cards if the cards are anything but “white” (BUT if the stick-ons have a smaller footprint than the cards a “contrasting” border might look good),
    4. Go to the hardware store and buy x-number of clothespins (the ones we use at home) and then find a LOT of neighborhood kids with bikes: pin the cards to their bike spokes for that “pa-phat-ta-da-dah” sound of motorcycles as they peddle down neighborhood streets.
    5. Make miniature travel playing cards for solitaire, whist, poker, pinochle, hearts/crazy eights, etc., and pack them for your upcoming trip … and the doldrums of awaiting return words on jobs.
    6. Sprinkle them off the bridges and high rises of Boston/Cambridge.
    7. Use them for mulch in your window boxes for the next fourteen years.
    8. They make great mini-fans for outdoor and indorr events where attendees must behave with subtlety.
    9. SAVE 25-100 for aulde ange syne.
    10. Then and only then, throw them away before you leave work at the end of the week.

  2. “Alright, Striker, you listen and listen close. Flying a
    plane is no different from riding a bicycle. It’s just a
    lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.”
    –Posted by Capt. Rex Kramer at July 12, 2004 04:24 PM”
    Scott Johston’s fingers are benumbed by the partridge-like whirr of the spokes on his knuckles — he just HAD to try it. Not only on a prop-job you understand, but on the fan of a jet. Okay, it WAS an old jet, but the knuckles — Oooooman! the pain.

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