I found an interesting research position up at Harvard’s JFK School, and spent about an hour putting together a cover letter for it.
When I finally submitted it, and filled in all of my information, I got the following message:

This Requisition is no longer open. Please search again.

Thanks. I have a sneaking suspicion this was there all along, but it begs the question: If the position is no longer open, then why is it still listed???
Worst of all, I was given no feedback as to whether my resume was submitted anyway or not. Human factors, people!


4 thoughts on “Grrrr.

  1. They want someone with a BS and a year or more of experience to order cookies for their seminars? And type syllibi?
    Though I admit, the research half looked mad interesting. Just, hopefully typing syllibi doesn’t take very long. And then again, maybe having that kind of work to break up the thinking part is about the same as, for instance, reading blogs, news, & online forums to break up the day.

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