Colorado Springs eternal.

Well, folks, here I am in lovely Colorado Springs, enjoying the perks of Colorado College’s internet service while Kristin reads a Cosmology text on her bed and Rodin is IMing Christine on his Toughbook. My stomach is warmed by a burger and local brews, topped off with a nice dessert, and the pospect of sleeping inside a building for the first time in over a week.
It should be nice.
It should also be noted that Colorado Springs is located just at the foot of the Rockies, that it is definitely a college town, that the vibe of this particular student population is very faux-hippie, very white-boy-dreds, very hackey-sack, very driving-mom’s-Volvo-to-Aspen-for-the-weekend. At least, according to Kristin, and some casual downtown observations.
So… updates. After leaving Billings, we continued west and spent an afternoon strolling around Bozeman, where they were having a townwide sidewalk sale, and I got a pair of Merrells for sixty bucks and an old 8mm video camera for eighteen, complete with case. We got back on the road and ended up in Butte by dinnertime, where we spent the night. We made a few more attempts to find cowboy boots I liked and that fit, a combination which continues to be fruitless. Then we headed south into Idaho to find an ice cream stand I went to about ten years ago with my parents on the shore of Bear Lake. After a long drive we succeeded: the place is in Garden City, UT, and they have some of the best raspberry shakes I’ve ever tasted.
Rejuvenated, we headed over into Wyoming, where we caught 80 to Flaming Gorge, and stayed at the Firehole Canyon campground, which was just amazing. The scenery: think Roadrunner cartoons brought to life. Just gorgeous.
That is where we awoke today, after a night under amazing stars and cool desert breeze and rabbits running around in the brush. We got on the road, headed west on 80, nearly ran out of gas near Cheyenne due to my being transfixed by Alivelectric, and then drove south through Denver to stay here with Kristin.
The plan is to stay a couple of nights, hit Carhenge, and then drive straight back East in one fell swoop, perhaps with the assistance of some books-on-tape loaned to us by Kristin (but sadly not 6/19/04 — what can you do?). My new computer is waiting for me in Smallbany. Hooray!
Now: I leave you to go be social. Perhaps another update before the big drive eastward. Until then, cheers.


7 thoughts on “Colorado Springs eternal.

  1. Since you will be in the general area, Willa Cather’s homestead is somewhere near Republican City, on the Republican River. And the Oregon Trail follows the Platte River with the Fort Kearny outpost. Too much to see. Happy trails.

  2. Also … I think it is on the shores of the Republican River (as distinct from another “western” river) that Le Sieur de la Salle was unrightly, unjustly murdered in the middle of yet another adventure, the object of which was to find and bring relief to a … mob of settlers he had brought over from France but misjudged his proper landing: they sailed right on by tghe mouth of the Missiissippi during a sea fog and eventually mistook and put in on what we today call Madagordo Bay, where there was and followed only tragedy. It is a woeful story of a great, truly great, if humanly flawed, personality and man. Watch for any sign that you are nearby the spot: I know we’d all like a picture of any shrine to this towering discoverer, if you are able to find one.
    Glad you are having one ‘elluva good time!
    [[ASIDE: See if a pair of Durango Boot Company, Tony Lama or Dan Post brands fit: they each tend to have subtle styles — classics — and the Tony Lama’s have a great internal footbed, including room to wiggle those toes! Other observations based on experience: there was a time when (despite the disaster that has followed because of the successes of the Frye Boots BROAD square-toe) WHEN you could find and fit into a great pair of 1″/1 1/2″-square-toe boots that were comfortable and snazzy. I cant find them anymore, even in California, but you might stumble on a pair somewhere: look for Durango products.]]

  3. If you’re still looking, Roper brand boots tend to have a rounded toe (they’re for women). They don’t have a very high heel, though, so it’s a compromise.

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