More blog?

So, here’s a thought I’ve been toying around with for months now: taking my (outdated and nearly dateless) books page and turning it into a real blog. Of course, I could just go ahead and start it, but there’s also a part of me that wants to retroctively post everything contained on that old page, since it feels somehow weird to have the reading list split up like that. But I guess that’s just me being anal about one of the few things I am anal about. Thank god there aren’t too many.
The other thought is to make this possible new side-blog not just a reading list, but something more expansive in terms of media: books, films, plays, music, anything aesthetic I consume and feel compelled to share. Of course, then I run the risk of making this blog suck by taking away a bunch of content from it. Good lord, I don’t want this turning into some masturbatory teenage LiveJournal or anything. My stabs at some sort of aesthetic and social criticism are all that stand between this blog and pathetic self-aggrandizing web-journaling!
I guess I’d still have my ridiculous rants about MIT, education, technology, culture, and Boston. Which, admittedly, take up more than their fair share of entries.
Thoughts? I am ready for your input, dear readers. In fact, I am begging for it.


3 thoughts on “More blog?

  1. You should just add the content from the books page, suitably expanded, into this blog very slowly. Or that’s what seems cool to me.

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