No more Nomar.

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday was a watershed for the Sox.
We lost to the Twins last night. I’m praying these things are unrelated.


2 thoughts on “No more Nomar.

  1. Supposedly this trade is all my fault, or so says my father. It seems that since back in my younger days I was a first baseman, and since I relocated from Minnesota to Boston, the Twins have been cursed to send all their first basemen to Boston: first the Davids (Ortiz and McCarty) and now Doug Mientkiewicz. (For the uneducated, that would be pronounced ment-KAY-vitch.)
    Boston fared much better than Minnesota in the deal. In return for our gold glover, all we got was a minor league pitcher I’ve never heard of.
    And now that they’ve left my home state, the Red Sox are allowed to start winning again.

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