Moon dirt.

The quote of the day:

“He was showing off this new system they have for electrolysing water out of moon dirt.”

—George Waksman, regarding a run-in with MIT professor Don Sadoway in Woods Hole

For some reason, I find the phrase “moon dirt” incredibly funny.


6 thoughts on “Moon dirt.

  1. For some reason … and some do not;
    yet, those who do shall compre-
    hend the humor and be free;
    whle those who don’t, won’t, can’t,
    and are shut out: it’s … base-
    ball, but they’ll chase their tails,
    looking for dirt, what! Hot!
    Dogs, just the same: it’s their fame,
    the game — scratching for something that squirms.
    Pin worms.

  2. Shit. You’re right. Oxygen.
    My bad. I was trying to repeat it to myself while the conversation was continuing so I could write it down. But I failed anyway!
    Apologies to Prof. Sadoway, who will probably never read this anyway.

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