Erection party.

This weekend, a whole bunch of us went up to Josh’s land in Ossipee, NH, to erect the Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure he obtained from military surplus. Photos from the weekend (billed as the “erection party”) are here.
Jeff, Josh, Mike, Erin, and I departed Boston around 1 on Saturday, with a keg of Sam Summer, tents, sleeping bags, charcoal, and lots of burgers and dogs, not to mention a few sledgehammers, a splitting maul, and our adventure vests. We met up with mdakin, Emily, Brad, Beth Dakin and her friend Maya, and Delphin at a Wal-Mart near the intersection of 95 and 16, bought a lot of water, and got back on the road.
Let it be mentioned that Josh’s 80 acres is accessible only by a dirt road which turns quickly into more of an overgrown dirt-and-grass track strewn with many hazardous rocks. It winds past what appears to be a dirt bike track and then up a rather terrifying rocky hill — or, rather, a rocky hill which is terrifying when ascended at speed in a Celica (or even a Dodge Ram).
Once we had done an inventory, it became clear that, though Josh had purchased an LME, he did not have anything belonging to that structure beyond the bags. The sacks contained the makings of various other tents, and the giant tarp from a more heavyheight enclosure. In the end, we erected two sets of poles, covered them with a long tarp, and raised the whole thing up.
But that was Sunday’s activity; Saturday we spent much of the daylight hours clearing the area of brush with the string trimmer, moving cars around, and cooking burgers and dogs galore. During the course of the evening, we were joined by two more cars full of people, plus Scott and Ehren, who biked up, and we stayed up till late singing around the campfire.
It’s good to be back, though; I am tired.


6 thoughts on “Erection party.

  1. Rock, rock on!
    As with many things military, I’m finding, outward appearances often obscure what’s really inside the package. Fog of war, indeed.
    I miss youse guys. 🙂

  2. But then, too … as with many things actual, we’ve all found — and that’s why we are able, must laugh! — outward appearances are the dim obscurity of what is, what we live, are liviing: we are the package, and the questions are, “What, indeed, is becoming inside us? and Why is she laughing?”
    Hat’s off to Teresa! made of sterner stuff.

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