Please understand my enthusiasm.

A scene which just transpired at the A-Side:
[AMRYS’s cell phone rings. She looks and sees that it is WALLY calling. She is confused for a minute, since he’s on his way to a Phish show and has no reason to be calling her. She picks up.]
A: Hello?
W: Hey, Am?
A: Yeah.
W: Do you want to go to the Phish show tomorrow?
A: [a beat which is best expressed as a silent exclamation mark: (!)] YES.
W: I have a ticket for you.
A: (!)
W: Actually, Mike has a ticket for you.
A: YES. Yes, yes.
W: Okay.
A: How much?
W: [to Mike] How much? Forty-five? Fifty? [to Amrys] _____.
A: [busy forgetting the amount she will be writing on a check the next day, busy not caring] Cool.
W: If that’s too much, I understand…
A: No. No. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. (!)
W: [laughing] Okay, dude.
A: Have a good show! Thank you! (!!!!!!)
[AMRYS hangs up and starts screaming incomprehensible happinesses to the empty apartment.]


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