Immediate impressions.

I’ve just returned from the Phish show at Great Woods, and I wanted to write something before I collapsed into bed.
The set list is, of course, up already here. As you can see, it was an unconventional show, with lots of band-audience interaction, and some really unique moments, including guest vocals from an audience member and a drum duet from Trey and Fishman in old Goddard College style (as Trey explained). All we could think was: If this is what they’re doing now, imagine what will happen at Coventry. I’m predicting unbridled nostalgia, ridiculously long sets, lots of talking from the band members, and deep, deep jams.
I’m not going to Coventry (barring some sort of miracle ticket-endowment and birthday-party-cancellation), but I did get one of my wishes: to see a Fishman song. And, though I wasn’t as familiar with most of the songs they played tonight (compared to the setlist from 6/19), I feel like it was really good show to be at: a memorable one, a unique one, and, in the end, a really fun one.
And now, if you will excuse me, I will collapse, my fingers typing out a thank you to Wally and Mike Tarkanian for making it possible for me to see a second show.
Oh, and: (!) I mean it. That’s how I was feeling all night.


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