Moving checklist.

I’m moving soon. What I’ve accomplished so far, to that end:

  1. Found a place to live
  2. Signed a lease
  3. Secured a moving truck
  4. Applied to the city of Cambridge for a moving truck permit so they’ll block off a bit of curb space for me on the day of the move
  5. Forwarded my mail with the USPS
  6. Arranged to pick up a bunch of boxes from the basement of 56 tomorrow

Several of the items on this list have been major triumphs, particularly the reservation of a Uhaul and the acquisition of boxes, which were not without their hurdles and setbacks.

Anyone else ready for a nap?


9 thoughts on “Moving checklist.

  1. Thanks for all that, Honey. sound like it will be of great help –especially blocking off room to load and unload!
    AND Wow! you seem to have thought of everything necessary: w’all shut my mouth!
    Which is just what your efficientcy has done so that I don’t have to booooooooRe you with ad(ded)vice’-D

  2. Well, I have done a comparably ridiculous amount of stuff in moving out here, so I feel you. I don’t think I ever, ever want to go to IKEA again.
    Also, I turned 22 yesterday. Whoopie!
    Aaaaand: I got your letter yesterday. I’ll respond as quickly as possible, although I realize that I didn’t remember to buy stamps during my move and they’re throwing a lot at us right now. Although I’m no letter-writing expert, I’ll try to make it a good one…

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