More moving stuff.

Today, Mike and I picked up a bunch of boxes from some folks in the basement of 56 who had generously set their empties aside at our request. Jenn picked us up in her car; in exchange, we took her to breakfast at Carberry’s, and the three of us sat in the gorgeous late summer sun: young, caffeinated, and a whole day ahead of us, thrillingly empty.
When we returned home, I was excited to discover that I had three rolls of packing tape sitting in my toolbox: one less thing to purchase. Now if only our Globe subscription hadn’t run out already…
Finally, this evening I received email from our fair city’s parking administration notifying me that my application for a moving van permit has been approved, and would I please pay them their $25. The check will be on its way soon, yes yes!
Tomorrow morning I’m off to help Laura and her boyfriend move into their new place by the aquarium, followed possibly by a visit to the ol’ RMV to make myself a legal Massachusetts driver. Depends on how sweaty I get. Lord knows my New York State license photo will be hard to beat: I’m reluctant to give it up, not to mention reluctant to waltz into the RMV looking like crap for my new photo.
Now all we need is a fourth roommate and everything will be great…


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