Americana Rustica.

This afternoon I’m off for a weekend in New Hampshire, so the lack of internet in this apartment (we ended service at the end of the billing cycle, which was yesterday) won’t be too much of a bother to me. However, it’s strange that my morning routine is so dependent on internet access, and how disrupted my day feels when I’m threatened by the possibility of not checking the weather, my email, blogs.
Luckily, I’m leaching wireless off the downstairs folks, so this morning will rrun along just fine. And then I’ll be at Americana Rustica, and the internet will be far from my mind.
When I return and have a free moment not taken up by packing up and moving all my possessions, I’ll blog about the film I saw last night, Last Life in the Universe. The short version: it’s a renter.
Have a great weekend, everyone.


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