Motorcouch and more.

I’d heard some great stuff about EC Rush this year, and this PTZ project proves it. Scottoway has described the events in more detail; I’ll include the following excerpt, if only because it massages my ego:

Speaking of freshmen, they are getting cooler and cooler. Much credit for this goes to Amrys, Matt, and the band of dedicated people at the Admissions Office. An anonymous frosh, inspired by a traditional — ahem — tour of campus, wrote a wonderful poem that nicely summarizes what is cool about hacking at MIT.

This will perhaps make up for the fact that, today, waiting in line for one of the Building 11 quickstations, I saw an undergrad log in (her startup took forever for some reason), fire up Mozilla, and proceed to use the web to both check her email and look up someone in the MIT directory. Isn’t someone telling these people that it’s much faster to use a terminal for these things?


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