Wunderbus roof-raisin’.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Shaughnesy/Ahern construction parking lot helping to (literally) raise the roof on the aforementioned Wunderbus, the school bus my friend Ehren is converting into a motor home. The roof didn’t actually get raised until sometime today, so unfortunately I was not there to document the actual raising on film, but I did get a bunch of photos of the work we did yesterday afternoon, as well as some footage of some power tool use.
The project was as follows: construct supports from which to winch up the roof once detached, raise the roof, insert braces at the window supports, oxyacetylene-weld the thing on site or drive the bus back to Cruftlabs to mig-weld it back together properly. By the time I left at 6, we were still putting the finishing touches on the arch-support things (which had needed to be beefed up due to frightening oscillations they were making in the wind), and at least half of the window supports had not yet been cut.
I hear, though, that the project went off well in the end, and the bus is now tall enough to accomodate Ehren’s height comfortably. Be sure to check out Jeff’s account for a description of things at the end of day one, and an amazing photo of the sunset.


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