Obtained today at McIntyre & Moore in Davis Square: Arnold Pacey’s Meaning in Technology and Donald MacKenzie’s Knowing Machines: Essays on Technical Change, both lovely MIT Press paperbacks (have I yet mentioned that they have possibly the coolest logo ever?), both bargains at used book prices. McIntyre & Moore has probably the best collection of used scholarly books in the Boston area, though I go there far too infrequently these days.
I’m excited about the Pacey book: I read a bit in the store and it looks like it will be good. I read one of the essays in the MacKenzie book for STS.350, when we read Inventing Accuracy, his historical sociology of missile guidance. It was one of my favorite books from that class; it’ll be nice to peruse some of his other stuff as I feel the inclination.
In other book news, I’m 400 pages into David Foster Wallace’s tome, Infinite Jest, and going strong. My progress may be hampered by the fact that I decided to borrow Mortals by Norman Rush from the library last week, and that my request for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time just came through — the book is waiting for me at Rotch circulation. I guess I should get to it, then.


3 thoughts on “Acquisitions.

  1. Infinite Jest is totally infuriating. I am still undecided as to whether it is a great book or a Great Book (I am still leaning toward the former).
    Also: Watch Miss America on Saturday! My fellow 2004 chemist, Erika Ebbel, is Miss Massachusetts.

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