More Wunderbus pics.

Check out an incredible number of Wunderbus photos from the roof-raising and more. This is probably the best one of the raising itself. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “More Wunderbus pics.

  1. Was down on 9W today and passed by a graveyard for the CDTA buses — with a big sign out front that advedrtised any one of them for $2,000. Takers?
    It’s easy to find, hard to miss, and mind softening all around.

  2. feeling consolidatory, i put even more pictures up in the 2nd roof raising directory, including collections by Tom the tool man Walsh and Ms. Shazam.
    city buses are insanely cheap… you can get a 60 foot articulated bus (with the accordion in the middle) for a couple thousand. granted they by the time they’re on the used market they’re pushing a million miles, but hey, each one probably has an insane weekend of fun left in them. just don’t breach it on a speed bump or slight hill.

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