Signpainting for nerds.

The next time you’re walking down the Infinite, please take a minute to notice the door to 3-107, part of the Admissions Office, where two of my former coworkers had the signpainters do something brilliant to insure that the name “E. Jones” wouldn’t appear twice.
For you sticklers out there who are saying things like Shouldn’t it be E. Jones quantity squared? or Isn’t 2(E. Jones) more accurate?, let it be known that these criticisms have already been floated, and that Mssrs. Jones have the following answers for you: Our powers combined are in fact exponential; and it looks cool this way.
I am of the opinion that this skyrockets 3-107 to a position high on the list of “Coolest Doors at the Institute,” somewhere in very close proximity to the Department of Alchemy. And so I say good job.


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