Frogstar World B.

We’ve finally done it: we’ve decided upon a house name. Though my suggestions of The House of Ill Compute and Secret City were not finalists in the end, I’m happy with our decision.
We are Frogstar World B. Confused people should consult their Hitchhiker’s Guide compendia, or Wikipedia. And it’s official: we just registered
That is all.


2 thoughts on “Frogstar World B.

  1. I’m sorry, but The House of Ill Compute is the best name I have heard so far, by far – in terms of pure wit, accessibility to those of *non-Douglas-Adams-having-read-his-books-designation*, meter, flowing-off-the-tongueiness, tongue-in-cheekitude, cleverness, etc.
    Having a little inside joke is all well and good, but when such a joke may come into direct and frequent contact with those not “in on it” then it takes drastic losses of relevance and humor (usually going from somewhere in the 90’s to a flat ZERO for those of the “outside” population).
    I’ve seen/heard a few decent names/titles for the new pad, but THoIC is just leagues above anything else. Believe me. Speaking as a man all-too-firmly-and-inextricably-intertwined in a certain “circle” yet with an equally if less technical affiliation elsewhere, this Adams-honoring designation lacks that certain ineffable quality for which any decent domicile-nomenclature must attain.
    Anyway, I’ll never use FWB as a designation for 54 Fayette, the FF, or THoIC. A premature vote I reckon is responsible, or else a misguided constituency.

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