Caveat cyclator.

On the way to work this morning on my bike, I was stopped at the Windsor/Hampshire St. intersection with three other cyclists. The two guys, both on fixed-gear bikes, idled at the crosswalk a bit, looked both ways, and continued on through the red light. A few seconds later, the female cyclist followed in suit. As the light turned green not ten seconds later, I saw the three of them stopped in the bike lane up ahead. As I rode by, I saw two blue-shirted bicycle cops issuing them tickets, and I thanked my good sense for deciding to wait for the light (as I usually do), despite the fact that blowing through the empty intersection had crossed my mind.
I guess it is worthwhile to follow the rules of the road after all. Makes me extra glad I got a headlight and batteries for my taillight yesterday after work. Now all I need is a splash guard…


6 thoughts on “Caveat cyclator.

  1. Actually, the only person I (personally) know to have ever gotten a cycling ticket was issued a ticket for (get this) speeding in downtown Sausalito, CA. Granted, the speed limit in downtown Sausalito is like 15 miles per hour — admittedly pretty sluggish.

  2. I’ve gotten a bicycle ticket for riding on the wrong side of the street. Naturally, I was pretty annoyed . I asked the cop “don’t you have any, like, criminals to catch?” and implied that his lack of seniority was responsible for his job catching us dangerous wrong-side-of-the-streeters.
    He didn’t seem to like it.

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