Weekend update.

The quick update, folks:
The Slip at the Paradise on Saturday was awesome: more to say on this later; for now, see Wally’s mini-review. Being awakened at 8:30 that morning by a wrong number had not been so awesome, and contributed to my exhaustion at the end of the show. The brunch I had with Zia that morning, though, made up for the early awakening.
Thankfully, no idiots happened to interrupt my sleep on Sunday morning, and I slept like a baby till almost noon. It was a reading-day, a fixing-of-broken-dishes day, a drinking-many-cups-of-tea day, a making-of-a-good-dinner day. I was, however, tired enough for the Night Rally show in Allston that a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts with similarly sleepy Alec and Austin was necessitated during the opening bands, and the tempterature had dropped enough by the end of the evening that standing waiting for the last 66 bus chilled me thoroughly, and I was speed-walking back to the Frogstar with Kraken and Wally asking why the hell I was walking so fast.
Today was an at-home day, a homemade-chicken-soup day, a postponing-dinner-plans day, a getting-better day. And, triumphantly: a finishing-Infinite-Jest day.
For now: perhaps some writing and then most definitely BED.


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