I have to say that this was, on all fronts, a far more interesting debate than the first presidential. Now here are some men who can talk without endlessly rehashing hackneyed party lines — which isn’t to say that it didn’t happen at all, but the real action was happening in the other paragraphs, where it should be.
While the first impressions in the media seemed to be of a Cheney victory, and while I will admit without hesitation that Cheney had some absolutely stellar moments this evening, I came away from it feeling it was closer to a tie than anything. There were a few things that Edwards failed to go after when he should have, but all in all I thought that both men were spot-on for the most part, and that both seemed far more relaxed in an atmosphere of intellectual parrying and debate than their presidential counterparts. This is heartening: whomever you agree with, it’s good to know that there are smart people in Washington who can craft complex yet clear sentences on the fly, who can structure and present arguments persuasively, and who don’t back down.
As far as Edwards is concerned, he is simply likeable, and he nailed Cheney on some important moral points tonight. He was also unruffled throughout, which is no small feat: he’s got a poker face like you wouldn’t believe, and he looked in control, even when Cheney was spearing him with attendance record (which, wait a sec — isn’t the guy on the bloody campaign trail?! Christ).
In sum: an entertaining and even at times knuckle-biting debate that kept me saying “wow!” Perhaps more tomorrow, with a transcript in front of me.


2 thoughts on “Cheney/Edwards.

  1. One of the interesting points was when Cheney chastized Edwards for failing to mention the deaths of our “Iraqi Allies”. I’ve never heard the citizens of an occupied country referred to as allies before and frankly, if we count the Iraqis defending their country then we should count Iraq civilian casualties as well.

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