More brilliance.

5-4 Sox in fourteen — count ’em, fourteen — innings. We did the Charleston half a dozen times and had a second seventh inning stretch before Ortiz once again worked his magic and brought home Damon for the victory.
And, what is more: Houston took the lead in the NLCS with Jeff Kent’s three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth of an otherwise scoreless game.
A brilliant night of baseball on all counts — which is not to say I wasn’t nerve-wracked much of the time, but that these were simply two amazing and unforgettable games. I’m fighting off a cold again due to how late things went last night, but I’m happy to sacrifice a little of my health for the team.
More tomorrow, but for now let me just say that nights like these — four, five, six straight hours of baseball with a gathering of dear and dedicated friends — are the ones we remember and tell our kids about. I’m positively gleeful and exhausted, and it’s a wonderful feeling.


5 thoughts on “More brilliance.

  1. Hooray for gleeful, rather than simple, exhaustion. I received your letter, and was much pleased and not lightly touched. I’ll drop you a line when I exhume myself from this grave…

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