Friendly Fenway.

To give you an idea of what things were like near Fenway Park last night, I bring you some eyewitness testimony from our man-on-the-scene, Mr. Scott Johnston:

I watched the end of the game (along with about 100 others and half the riot cops) through the window of the Cask & Flagon. Then things started to pick up. It got awfully uncomfortable as I was trying to get home and couldn’t make it because the crowd was squeezed so tightly. Got some interesting pictures of people dancing on their cars on Boylston street, and the massive Jeep fire in front of Burger King down the street.
Apparently the Jeep had NY plates, and when they couldn’t tip it over, they smashed out the windows and set the interior on fire. I was trying to study in my room again by that point but some people who were watching called Cruftlabs to tell me I should get some pictures. Miroh was standing in front of the Sovereign Bank when the crowd smashed out the windows and the riot cops shot a smoke grenade at them (which is designed to look like tear gas).

I knew there were more good reasons for not owning a car in Boston, aside from the expense, the pain-in-the-ass factor, and the fabulous public transportation system.


6 thoughts on “Friendly Fenway.

  1. Presumably you’re referencing the behavior? I agree, it’s ridiculous. I’ve never understood the sentiment of “yay we won, let’s cause a lot of damage and injury.”
    I can at least understand the anger/frustration-fueled riots, not that I condone them, but happiness-induced riots?
    It’s the youth these days. Silly kids.

  2. This is what comes of the “society” society rather than the “individual responsibility” society. (HBeach and Co., plz take note) and it is not so perplexing as it is revolting (not to make a pun).

  3. Apparently we are learning from the Iraqi’s who also love to cause destruction in the name of celebration. At least wwith the assualt rifle ban gone now we can all buy Aks and fire them in the air when the red sox win the world will be great..just remeber to angle your shot..gravity is a bitch. It seems i am off to see TFazios old stomping ground..wonderful..hopefully iwill at least get to see the game which starts playing around 3 am here.. anyhow mob mentality is a matter where you are in the world, it sucks and definatly puts a bad spin on all the greatness of that night
    the 45’er

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