You could have heard a pinstripe drop.

It’s been revealing to read about the Yankees’ reactions to Boston’s huge win last night. Despite New York’s attempts to deal out every possible psychological blow, from the pictures of Babe Ruth to the people dressed as ghosts of the Bambino to the “Who’s your daddy?” chant complete with organ accompaniment, the Sox were on fire (as were, incidentally, some cars in Kenmore Square) and there was no extinguishing them.

So not even marching out one of those Yankee Stadium ghosts Jeter always talks about helped. Bucky Dent, a symbol of Boston torment for his 1978 playoff home run over The Green Monster, threw out the ceremonial first pitch to the screaming delight of 56,129.

Now the tables are turned:

“In my career, we’ve dealt some pretty big blows to people,” said Bernie Williams. “It feels kind of weird to be on the other side of the coin.”

And while most of the Yankees players come across as reasonable losers…

“Definitely,” Rivera said when asked if, ultimately, superior pitching won for Boston. “If you don’t pitch good, you are not going to win. I couldn’t do it. We didn’t pitch well, and we didn’t win.”

…it’s perhaps unsurprising that every A-Rod quote makes him sound like the whiny, selfish child he appears to be. All the negative comments made by the Yanks seem to come directly from him:

“It’s crushing for us. I don’t have the words to describe how disappointed I am,” said Alex Rodriguez. “If you open up that window up just a little bit, a team that good gains momentum.”

“Being up 3-0 and not being able to put the knockout punch, that hurts,” said Alex Rodriguez, whose first season in pinstripes ends in ultimate disappointment. “That fact that it wasn’t a close game and we really didn’t have an opportunity down the stretch, that even makes it more frustrating that we were so close.”

“It’s frustrating, because we felt that the winner tonight would win the World Series,” said A-Rod.

Well, Alex, maybe this is what happens when you don’t play fair. It just goes to show you that the best team does win after all.


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