Authenticity, complacency.

I guess one of the big questions brought up in all of this is: does being a baseball fan make you complacent in other areas of your life? Yes, if you don’t do anything but sit on your ass and watch baseball. The Red Sox can’t (or, rather, shouldn’t) be the only thing in your life, but then again neither can (should) Monty Python or The Grateful Dead or synchronized swimming.


7 thoughts on “Authenticity, complacency.

  1. Please consult the ur-text of baseball fandom, the musical Damn Yankees, and in particular the song sung by the fans’ wives:
    Six months out of every year
    I might as well be made of stone
    Six months out of every year
    When I’m with him
    I’m alone!

  2. Sacrilege, perhaps, but I’ve never seen it. =)
    I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I’m just saying that when it does it’s not a good thing.

  3. I love that show!
    We did it in high school. The Cincinnati Reds radio
    announcers recorded themselves announcing the game
    scenes for us — crowd noise and AM radio sounds
    and all. How cool is that.

  4. Scottoway, that’s awesome! (And by the way where the hell have you been hiding out instead of watching these games with us?) If memory serves, I went and saw Damn Yankees in Springville NY at the high school many years ago – my mom worked there – and sang along quietly with every single song. As a kid it was one of my favourite shows – great, funny songs; Satan in a necktie; the sexy Hernando’s Hideaway sequence; a climactic baseball matchup featuring those no-good Yankee bums; did I mention Satan?
    Ray Walston was the voice of cheerful evil in my dreams for a long time. Those were the good old days indeed! Classic musicals are too easily overlooked in this idiot-film era – West Side Story, The Pajama Game, My Fair Lady, Damn Yankees…great stuff. And those are just the Broadway imports! Never mind the classic film musicals like Singin’ in the Rain

  5. Wax, you left out Lola. That’s what makes the show!
    As for watching the games, I was super hosed last
    week and I didn’t have time. But this week I’ll
    probably spare a couple of nights. I’ve been
    following on the radio though.

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