Ideas for Sox game signs.

From a conversation with Mike Tarkanian:


Too bad Fox would never give you any airtime. It’s perhaps a bit too nerdy and obscure. But, in this town, there’s at least have an outside chance that someone in the crowd will get it…


5 thoughts on “Ideas for Sox game signs.

  1. They might give it airtime just because it would be so weird to see at the ballpark. Over the weekend I thought it might be good to add /date{1919} and maybe some kind of /revision{2004} but i can’t remember that much of LaTeX right now — maybe just comment out “revised 2004” after the /end{curse}.
    I’m thinking I should print up some T Shirts. I’ve got a screenprinter and I think people that have every dealt with any kind of code in their life would be down, even if they know nothing of LaTeX or VaRiTeX for that matter.
    The best sign I saw tonight:
    “Hey A-Rod: How’s Your Couch?”

  2. Actually, I think there is a very GOOD chance FoxSports would put this up on the blinker – so why not give it a go?
    (Consider the LaTex, first!)

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