Luddites unite!

This piece by an MIT alum/self-professed Luddite is for Scott. Interesting stuff.


17 thoughts on “Luddites unite!

  1. I have to admit that I was eager to read this, with the sincere hope that it would provide me with ammunition for a salvo of witty barbs directed at Scottoway Ludd, but it is actually a quite fascinating article.
    Then again, the guy is a Mennonite, so Scottoway doesn’t exactly have major support here.

  2. This guy is an embarassment to Institvte. And he’s missing out on next step in human evolution! I can’t wait until we upload our souls to the interwang/blogosphere and transcend humanity!

  3. Oh man.
    I joke about being a Luddite, but let it be known
    that I don’t shun technology. After all, I *design*
    I don’t have a cell phone because I don’t need one,
    and they’re pretty annoying. My desk telephone is
    a Western Electric Model 2500 because it’s satisfyingly
    solid and sleek-looking. But cell phones come in
    handy from time to time.
    I don’t have a car because I don’t need one, they’re
    expensive, I don’t have a place to park one, and they
    make you fat. However, I don’t object to getting
    rides from friends, and I drive other people’s cars
    from time to time.
    I don’t have a laptop because I find the ergonomics
    to be rather unpleasant. But I recognize that, for
    some people, portability is more important than comfort.
    And so on. I’m not doing my laundry with a hand-
    cranked tub or anything like that. Nor am I depriving
    myself of any conveniences. I’ve just settled on a
    rational course that looks old-fashioned because it
    doesn’t follow any trends.

  4. For what it’s worth, I didn’t meant to imply that you’re just like this guy. I found his anti-technological-determinism to be refreshing and thought-provoking, but I put the link up referencing you mostly because I thought it would be funny.
    And because we love you. =)

  5. I liked it, too, being as I am another self-proclaimed hemi-Luddite-when-it-is-convenient… Back to listening to a CD and talking with people online while … shocking! Using good old-fashioned pencil and paper to do some woik.
    Your friend, who had 30 incomprehensible pages of work on his quantum take-home…

  6. Scoot-er just knows that when it comes down to hard hitting technology the silicone chip does not outweigh the 16 oz. hammer … and it is ALMOST Halloween, so stay away from dark alleyways and tall hedges.

  7. The Mom has seen it. And the land is ready for my earth-sheltered home. Am, it was only a few years ago that we made soap, cooked on the fire, spun wool, stiched our own clothing–however, to maintain the balance, I insist on keeping my sewing machine and hot water on demand.

  8. I can’t believe how many comments this has received. It just goes to show how Scottoway can spark a discussion.
    Speaking of Scottoway, has anybody seen him in the last six months?

  9. Heh. That’s funny — I was just about to comment on how this post definitely has had the highest returns in terms of comments per word in the original entry. For such a short post, it’s sure been a discussion-creator!

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